SATURDAY 30/12 – Into New Years Eve

It’s the Bootylicious rave to close down 2017, into the Morning of New Years Eve. There will be no hassle getting a taxi, or überpriced Ubers, we’re sticking with the same ticket price as always, it’s the same place, the same bar, the same vibe. EXCEPT we are hosting a special guest DJ line-up alongside our residents, featuring DJ Bambam and the very talented BBZ DJ team of “BBZ x Tate Modern”.

Listen Up Dancehall lovers: room 2 special guest DJ Bambam comes highly recommended, known for her dancehall radio shows and her appearance at Pussy Palace, Video Vexens and Let’s have a Kiki

Listen UP Afrobeat lovers: room 1 continues to rock with arguably London’s number one Afrobeat DJ and producer Chillz, with her Booty prime time mix.

Not forgetting voguer, DJ and scene star Jay Jay Revlon, plus Fire Ash nice and easy party vibes, there’s a little Old-school with Jeffrey Hinton and Sugarbear to rounding off the party. Hosted by MC Tyron – to the north to the south to the west and the east, this guy is everywhere with the lyrics other MCs only wish they had. Not to be missed !

remember, this is a gay rave. Whether you identify as male female or nonbinary, Bootylicious is your club, your hetero friends are welcome if they understand this party is not about them. Bring ID if you look like you are 25 or younger to prove you are over 18. We do special guest lists for people whose birthday is within 2 weeks of our events. contact Bootylicious via facebook



Watch out for the January sale 20/1/2018


Author: Bootylicious Club

Original Gay/Les/Trans/++ URBAN MUSIC Event in London, established 2001

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