Bootylicious Carnival After Party PLUS late late afterhours

Saturday 25 August from 11pm at Club Union through to the morning hours.

This one is extra special. We’re getting ready with extra DJs and extended times. It’s going to be Afrobeat vs dancehall, Garage vs hiphop, Soul vs House music, all happening on 2 dancefloors at Club Union.

DJ Lineup includes Chillz, Kartel Brown, Biggy C, Sugarbear, Tyron, Jeffrey Hinton + guests. The Jamaican artiste and singer Lavelle Biggs aka “Vicegrip” promises a Personal Appearance. That’s definitely not to be missed.

Yes House Music is coming back to Booty, late in the night in room 1. Stay on for the afterhours after 6am, that’s going to be strictly House Music with DJ Paul Heron (“probably the best House DJ on London’s gay scene”) and DJ Owen G (FMG) and DJ Tyron.

Birthday guest list is available for you and your friends if your birthday is within 2 weeks of the event. ID is required to prove you are 18+.

non-members can still get tickets at member’s prices but these tickets will sell out soon.

online ticket sales via

Author: Bootylicious Club

Original Gay/Les/Trans/++ URBAN MUSIC Event in London, established 2001

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