26 May: The Spring Bank Holiday Jamboree at Club Union.

Spring Bank Holiday Saturday Rave at Union. Queer mixed club into Urban music.

It’s a Bootylicious Bankholiday rave! Do we need to say more? 2 rooms with London’s finest DJs making you shake your Booty

Oldschool RnB, Hiphop and the latest Afrobeat and Dancehall split across the 2 rooms at club Union in Vauxhall, with extra beats to get you on the dancefloor. Entry prices start at £8. Or it’s free if it is your birthday within 2 weeks of 26 May. Get in touch and get on the guest list. All your friends will go on the concessions guest list.

ID compulsory if you look younger than 25. you need to be 18+.

advance cheapo tickets – http://www.outsavvy.com/event/1456/the-bootylicious-spring-bankholiday-jamboree-tickets

tickets are also available via http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-bootylicious-spring-bank-holiday-jamboree-tickets-46169495203

28 April: Bootylicious Spring Ball at Union

Once every 12 months you can party with us free of charge! At one of the best gay mixed Urban clubs in London! If it is your birthday within 2 weeks of 28 April. Bingo. Free entry for you. Just send us a quick message and we will also put all your birthday guests on the concessions list.

If you hate waiting at the door then we have some really cheap tickets on sale now, but they will sell out before 28 April, see the eventbrite link for this event below.

it’s Bootylicious – Gay LGBTQ+ Urban Clubbing in London done to perfection by the people who invented the genre. 2 rooms, Club Union, 66 Albert Embankment in Vauxhall, on the last Saturday of every month
Bootylicious, probably the best Urban music DJ line-up in London for Hiphop, Soul, Vogue, Dancehall or Afrobeat

If you look 25 or younger you will have to prove you are 18+.


Bootylicious Easter Eggstravaganza Saturday 31 March with Special Guest DJ set by Rupaul’s Drag Race DJ/Producer Ellis Miah (Los Angeles)

In the week that Rupaul became the first drag icon to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame we are thrilled to announce that her DJ/Producer Ellis Miah will be doing a one-off DJ Set at Bootylicious, on Easter Bankholiday Saturday. The Booty Easter Eggstravaganza at Union will of course also include our residents with 2 rooms of music, from Dancehall to Afrobeat, Hiphop Soul to Vogue, Disco House and more. Special shout out to Vogue supremo JayJay Revlon, and the best Afrobeat DJ on the scene DJ Chillz, she who rules on dancefloor 1.

PLUS: This month we are doing a fundraiser for the only black, openly gay candidate in London for the Local Elections held on 3 May (voter registration closes 17 April). Bruno de Florence is contesting a seat for Kensington and Chelsea Council, the council where Grenfell Tower is. We are raising our entry price by £1 and will donate this to the brunoforearlscourt campaign to help him win. If you do not wish to donate you can ask for £1 back, no questions asked.

Free guest list for you if your birthday is withing 2 weeks of the event, plus all your guests on the concessions list.

pay at the door, students only £8 + £1 donation (optional)

advance tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bootylicious-easter-eggstravaganza-saturday-night-tickets-44488876427


Saturday 24 February : Booty Love Ball

OK so it’s a bit late for Valentine’s when we open our doors on Saturday 24th but this is Valentine’s month and time for the Bootylicious Love Ball. Wear some red if you’re not looking, yellow if you might be tempted and green if you are Romeo looking for Romeo or Juliet looking for Juliet.

2 rooms of music, Dancehall vs Afrobeat, Hiphop Soul vs Vogue and Disco House

We do special guest lists for people whose birthday is within 2 weeks of our events. Let us know you are coming and want to be on the list.

It cuts waiting in the Queue and it’s also cheaper if you buy advance tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bootylicious-love-ball-tickets-43037335830

Saturday 20/1 : Booty January Sales

20 January 2018 and we mean to carry on as we ended 2017 ! We’re one week ahead of the normal last Saturday of the month at Union

20 January 2018 and we mean to carry on as we ended 2017 !

This month we’re a week ahead of our normal last Saturday of the month at Union. New School vs Old School, Afrobeat vs Dancehall, Hiphop vs Soul/Disco. It’s time for the next Booty.

Bring ID if you look like you are 25 or younger to prove you are over 18.

We do special guest lists for people whose birthday is within 2 weeks of our events. Let us know you are coming and want to be on the list.

You don’t have to buy advance tickets but it cuts the waiting in the Queue and it’s also cheaper. Here is the ticket link:

SATURDAY 30/12 – Into New Years Eve

It’s the Bootylicious rave to close down 2017, into the Morning of New Years Eve. There will be no hassle getting a taxi, or überpriced Ubers, we’re sticking with the same ticket price as always, it’s the same place, the same bar, the same vibe. EXCEPT we are hosting a special guest DJ line-up alongside our residents, featuring DJ Bambam and the very talented BBZ DJ team of “BBZ x Tate Modern”.

Listen Up Dancehall lovers: room 2 special guest DJ Bambam comes highly recommended, known for her dancehall radio shows and her appearance at Pussy Palace, Video Vexens and Let’s have a Kiki

Listen UP Afrobeat lovers: room 1 continues to rock with arguably London’s number one Afrobeat DJ and producer Chillz, with her Booty prime time mix.

Not forgetting voguer, DJ and scene star Jay Jay Revlon, plus Fire Ash nice and easy party vibes, there’s a little Old-school with Jeffrey Hinton and Sugarbear to rounding off the party. Hosted by MC Tyron – to the north to the south to the west and the east, this guy is everywhere with the lyrics other MCs only wish they had. Not to be missed !

remember, this is a gay rave. Whether you identify as male female or nonbinary, Bootylicious is your club, your hetero friends are welcome if they understand this party is not about them. Bring ID if you look like you are 25 or younger to prove you are over 18. We do special guest lists for people whose birthday is within 2 weeks of our events. contact Bootylicious via facebook

tickets https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bootylicious-close-down-2017-tickets-41257520354


Watch out for the January sale 20/1/2018


Saturday 25 November Bootylicious at Union.


We’re in Vauxhall for the monthly Bootylicious LGBT+ Urban Music fest across the two dance floors of club Union. DJ/voguer JayJay Revlon is back from his Tour of Scotland, Spain and France, as is the “best female Afrobeat DJ in London”, DJ Chillz, whose single is enjoying support from BBC radio and Capital xtra, see http://www.complex.com/music/2017/08/premiere-dj-chillz-hide-it. Also in the line-up are extra smooth DJs Fire Ash and Jeffrey Hinton, the Dancehall and Soca Don Biggy C, and House/Disco/oldschool Hiphop experts Sugarbear and Tyron.

Birthday guest lists? yep. If it is your birthday within 2 weeks of the event then we offer free entry for you, plus unlimited concessions guest list for all your guests. Send a message via bootylicious-club.co.uk or http://www.facebook.com/bootyliciousoficial

this event is for over 18s. This club night is a space for LGBT+ with diverse ethnic background together with their guests. If you look under 25 you need to be able to show photo valid ID please to prove your age. Students discount is £8 with your NUS ID. Tickets are on sale now, with prices going up as we get closer to the event. Doors open at 11pm. Please note there is no entry after 4am.